Welcome to Shopahome Vendor Guide

Thank you for your interest in Shopahome.

In this document, we will guide you on how to register and become part of Shopahome's vendors community. Topics covered here are as follows:

  1. How to create a vendor account?
  2. How to manage your profile?
  3. How to create products?
  4. How to view orders?
  5. How to view sales reports?



1. How to create a vendor account

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Sell on Shopahome link in the website header.

    Sell on Shopahome


  2. Click on the Sign up link to proceed with vendor registration.

    vendor signup

  3. Vendors have to provide the basic information for Vendor account creation like Name, email ID, and password.


    Two important fields that are required for the creation of any vendor account are Public Name and Shop URL.

    • Public Name is any name that the vendor wants to appear on the storefront and in order details.
    • Shop URL is the URL key that will be used to create a unique URL for the vendor’s shop page.
      For example, the URL key in the above screenshot will create a vendor shop with URL https://shopahome.com/vendor_shop/my-shopname-url.html.
  4. Hit Submit.
  5. Check your inbox for our confirmation email and click on the link 'Confirm Your Account'.

    Pro tip: In case you did not see our email in your inbox, check spam folder or promotions tab on your gmail. Drag drop our email to your inbox so you never miss our emails.


  6. Wait for admin confirmation.

  7. Once the admin has approved your account, you will receive an email 'Shop Enabled'. You will then have access to the Vendor Panel.

  8. When you sign in as a vendor, you will see your vendor dashboard where you can manage your profile, upload products, view reports, and so on.



2. How to manage your vendor profile

Vendors can view their profile details from the View Profile left menu option.

manage vendor profile

You can edit or update the profile by clicking the Edit option.

You can update this form to provide general information about your business and shop page. To further optimize the shop page for search engines, enter Meta Description appropriate for your shop.


Account Details Settings for Payouts

Vendors can enter payment details as per their choice. This payment detail is used by an admin to transfer the vendor amount to him for his related product sold.

Vendors can set three payment methods from here.

transaction settings

Check/Money Order: This is an offline payment method option.

PayPal: This payment method has been included but it is not for the online transfer purpose.

Bank Transfer: This is also an offline payment method option.



3. How to create products

  1. You can add new products from the New Product option in the left menu, select the product type. If your product is a simple product, select Add Simple Product. If your product has many variations like color or sizes, then select Add Configurable Product.

    manage products

  2. Provide all basic product information to successfully add a new product to your inventory. Some of the most important required fields are:

    • Attribute set: If you are selling smartphones, select attribute Phone & Tablets, if you sell electronic items, select Electronics. If you sell fashion items then you can either select attribute Bag or Fashion Accessories or Shoes or Tops/Shirts/Dresses.
    • Product Name: Enter the name of your product, include model numbers if required.
    • SKU: Enter unique identifier for your stock. Example JD-001.
    • Price: Enter price of the item. Click on Advanced Pricing to add sale price.
    • Weight: Add the weight of the item in Kgs
    • Categories: Select the appropriate category for the product. If your item is a smartphone, select the parent category Phones & Tablets and Smartphones.

      select product category
    • Content: Add short description which includes the key features. Under Description, add more detailed descriptions about your product.
    • Images: Add as many images as possible of your product.
  3. Once all these details have been added, hit Save.

    Add new product

  4. Once saved, the status will have status Pending. Once the admin reviews your product and approves, the status will be changed to Approved. Only Approved products will be displayed on the website.

  5. Products can be updated by clicking the Edit option under the Action column or deleted in bulk the via mass action option Delete.

  6. You can view the catalog from the Manage Products option in the left menu.



4. How to view orders

Vendors can access the orders for their products from the Orders option in the left menu.

Details of individual orders can be viewed by clicking the View option under the Action column.

view orders



5. How to view sales reports

Vendors can generate the sales report of orders and products by the Reports > Order Reports and Reports > Product Reports option from the left menu respectively.

view sales report

Order Report can be filtered by selecting Start date – End date, Vendor Payment Status, the period for each row which can be Day, Month or Year wise and clicking the Show Report button that displays period wise sales report of vendor products. Reports can be exported to CSV by clicking the Export button.

Product Report can be filtered by selecting Start date – End date and clicking the Show Report button that displays product wise sales report. This report can be exported to CSV by clicking the Export button.


So, there you have it. Signing up as a Shopahome vendor is easy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, via chat or call or email us @[email protected]