Lb Car Wash And Wax Liquid Soap 4l

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Lb Car Wash And Wax Liquid Soap

LB Car Wash and Wax is a liquid soap that washes off dirt from the interior and exterior of your car. It gives a home feel scent and also makes your car shine brighter. This is the best liquid to use for your car as it Protects your car with it's waxing effect. It is not harsh for the interior and doesn't bleach. Direction for use:Pour a cap full of LB car wash and wax liquid soap in a bucket full of water, dip in a foam scrub, then scrub the surface and interior with it. Rinse with ordinary water and clean it with a towel. Leave to dry.
  • Foaming liquid detergent.
  • Cleans and removes dirt and stain completely.
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