Innoson IVM Caris Car 5MT (Manual)| Call for price

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Innoson IVM Caris Car 5MT (Manual)

4×2 2.4L / Manual / 5 Seats

IVM Caris is one of our forays into future car designs. With a captivating sleeker design, it was produced to give you the all-encompassing comfort, sophistication, and experience you crave in a modern car. Imbibing our concept of regionalization in car manufacturing, IVM Caris embodies the beauty you want to explore in a car and the strength you need to sustain the experience.


  • Improved Exhaust Tech – IVM improved exhaust helps to create that energetic performance needed to drive through long distance while maintaining optimal stability. It also helps to conserve your fuel efficiently, cools the temperature of the engine and allows the engine to breathe better.
  • Adjustable passenger seats – IVM Caris gives you the finesse and peace you need while driving. There is a great need for your muscles to be well relaxed while driving; there is no room for discomfort while cruising with IVM Caris.
  • Air Conditioned leather seats – each drive with IVM Caris is a memorable experience. The air conditioned leather seats create a lush feel and extreme relaxation while driving.
  • Standard LED front lights – we used the latest technology in automotive lighting technology. No need to be frustrated with dull lights while driving. Power through the dark, your vision and balance are secured.
  • Enhanced multimedia experience – play your favorite sounds with the inbuilt modern multimedia system in IVM Caris. You can connect your multimedia devices while driving.
  • Automatic folding side mirrors – you can park comfortably without bothering about accidental smashing of your side mirrors.
  • Front and rear airbags – the front and rear airbags are there to prevent fatal injuries if there is an unexpected crash.


  • Smartphone integration – the in-vehicle smartphone allows you to be aware of the calls and messages entering your smartphone while maintaining full concentration on your driving.
  • Reinforced shock absorber – the reinforced shock absorber helps to maintain stability when driving through rough terrains.
  • Reverse camera – helps you to see what is behind you to avoid a collision while reversing. Use the reverse camera to protect your IVM Caris.
  • Power steering – the energy efficient power steering helps to improve fuel economy. It gives that exhilarating driving experience you need while driving.
  • Fuel economy – with the cost of energy in view, IVM Caris was designed to make sure your fuel is conserved.
  • New improved exhaust system – the double exhaust helps to conserve your fuel, cools the temperature of the engine and allows the engine to breathe better.
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