Innoson IVM Capa MPV Car Manual Transmission (Standard And Executive Variant)| Call for price

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Innoson IVM Capa

4×2 2.4L / Manual

IVM Capa is a modern MPV that comes in two variants; Standard and Executive. It is designed to provide comfort and strength you need to make your driving a wonderful experience. It has a well suitable seating and storage space you need for an up country journey. Explore, experience and enjoy the indomitable IVM Capa.


  • Enhanced space – IVM Capa has an excellent seating space devoid of unnecessary discomfort for passengers
  • Cozy leather seats – seat comfortably while driving, gulp the wonderful experiences while enjoying your beautiful IVM Capa.
  • Standard LED front lights – No need to be frustrated with dull lights while driving. Power through the dark, your vision and balance are secured.
  • Enhanced multimedia experience – IVM Capa has in-built multimedia system to give you audio and visual experiences you need while riving
  • Automatic folding side mirrors -, your side mirrors automatically folds whenever you park, no need of worrying about protruding side mirrors.


  • Automatic transmission – provides the driver an aesthetic driving experience and gives great control while cruising your IVM Capa
  • Automatic seat adjusting – gives you that flexibility you need while driving. The easy seat adjustment eliminates fatigues on long drives.
  • Fuel economy – get the best out of our environmentally friendly engines, we made sure your IVM Capa provides the cost effectiveness you need.
  • Automatic rear view – allows you to drive safely when reversing, enables you to see obstacles within your paths.
  • Remote keyless entry – provides the convenience and security you need and creates better access control.
  • Anti-lock brakes (ABS) – the ABS creates that experience to steer smoothly while using the brakes. It helps to reduce friction on the roads.
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