Bols Triple Sec Liqueur 70cl X 2

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Bols Triple Sec Liqueur

Lucas Bols is one of the oldest distilled spirits companies in the world. It started over 440 years ago in 1575 when the Bols family opened a small distillery Tlootsje in Amsterdam. Their first liqueurs were flavored with cumin, cardamom, and orange. In the 17th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important trading cities in the world, importing many exotic spices, herbs, and fruits. This gave Lucas Bols access to many new, high-quality natural ingredients. Since then, the Bols distillery has mastered the selection of the right ingredients and their expertise and curiosity have led to the creation of hundreds of delicious liqueurs. The original recipes are passed on from master distiller to master distiller and updated to suit contemporary tastes. TASTING NOTES Eye/Colour/Appearance: Clear/transparent Nose/Aroma/Smell: Fragrant sweet tones of citrus Flavour/Taste/Palate: Full citrus and dried orange peel flavour Finish: Rich, full-bodied finish.
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